Oh,  no traffic lights. You'll have to find your way through the road for your 7 ducklings by causing a traffic jam.

Stop the cars in their tracks by pushing obstacles on their way, and get to the other side of the road with all your 7 ducklings intact.


  • Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move.
  • Push things onto the road to stop the cars.
  • Get to the right side of the road with all the ducklings intact to get to the next level.

This game was made from scratch by one person for BenBonk Game Jam #3.


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Lol. That one level was a little tricky. You know which one I mean.

A couple times I got frustrated, then I figured out how to complete the levels. Nicely done.

The only thing I'd suggest addressing is the advance between levels. It's far too easy to not know when the one level is complete and then instantly dive into traffic on the next level. Some sort of warning to quit mashing the arrow key would be nice, is all.