With the help of a plant, a small bug is in a journey to find a way to get home.

This game features 9 carefully-crafted platformer puzzles at a 160x144 resolution.

(Created from scratch in less than a week for GBJAM 10)


  • A or Left Arrow Key for either the plant or the bug to move left, D or Right Arrow Key for either the plant or the bug to move right.
  • W or Space Key or Up Arrow Key for the bug to jump up or for the plant to move upwards. (Correspond to A in the GB).
  • Hold P or Ctrl to control the plant instead of the bug. (Correspond to B in the GB).
  • Press R to restart the level. (Corresponds to START in the GB).


  • Get the bug to the door in the level.
  • The plant can grow up, left and right, but not down.
  • The bug can walk on the top or stem of the plant, but if you control the plant while the bug is on it, the bug will fall off of it.
  • The bug can grab a water drop to refill the flower's water bar.


Well, that's my game! Please tell me if you'd like to see more levels because I might make it into its own game in the future.

And, no, it's not your speakers. This game, in fact, has no audio in it.

Animated GIF of the game.


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Very cool.Good idea.